After 7 years, the end of the road, for now!

Posted: August 23, 2020 in Archiving Outlook Mac

Dear loyal users of the Outlook Mac Archive product. We wanted to share an update on it’s future. Our product has been downloaded by tens of thousands of users over the years, from all over the world, and we have had loyal users thank us after many many years of usage. We hope that their 20 USD payment was worth every cent as they successfully maintain their archives of precious email. We wanted to thank you all for that loyal custom.

Though this product still works with the latest version of Outlook, we have not invested in new features for quite a while and we don’t want it to degrade in to something with unstable features and poor support. For this reason we shutting the doors on selling further licences

For customers with existing licences, we will continue to support the product within it’s current feature set for the next 6 months (as of this post). However, if there are breaking changes from Microsoft we will no longer release another version or patch that. With it using the scripting interface of Outlook, which rarely changes, it’s expected to operate normally for quite sometime, but we cannot guarantee it. If you bought the product within the last 6 months (as of this post) and prefer a refund please contact us with your sales order.

The product is activated by device. You are welcome to contact support and get an unlimited key that will allow you to use it on any device so you no longer need to be concerned with the activation process going further. We are effectively donating this to you our loyal base to use as you wish.

Looking to the future. This tool covered a real gap in Microsoft Office Mac archiving that few other tools or systems covered. To do a second version justice it would need a considerably better interface, be part of the app store and integrate more reliably in to MS Office. If we produce that tool you’ll be the first to know.

Any other questions, please reach out, we will endeavour to be as responsive as we always have until we fully deprecate this product 6 months from this post. Even after that, I’m sure we will not let you down.

Stay Safe in these challenging times and thank you again
7thDomain Team

  1. Veniamin says:

    Help us, please, reactivate your programm!

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