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  1. Abed Salam says:

    Hello. We have a corporate license that was purchased several years back. As the software is longer supported, is it possible to get an unlimited key? We use the software now to move items from local On My Computer to the O365 cloud account.

  2. Trevor Hopkins says:

    This morning I deactivated my Mac mini license to move it to a new machine. I have not had an email regarding registration and have just seen that you are offering unlimited key registrations. I would like to request that – if it is still available.
    Thank you.

  3. Veniamin Khazanov says:

    Dear Sirs, I cannot configure my Archiver program (1.0.24) after upgrading my Outlook to iMas (OS 11.2.1) to version 16.46. It is impossible now to configure section Config in line Archive from – to specify archive source. The program does not allow me to print anything in this line or select by the arrow – there is nothing there. I am asking for your help.

  4. Madhavan Nair says:

    Subscription Key is not working

  5. Brian Dillingham says:

    Can you program be used to search both a Microsoft Exchange online account and an Office 365 archive at the same time?

  6. Outlook2016 says:

    Please confirm if the ‘New Auto Archiving tool for Outlook Mac for Office 365 2016 and 2011’ supports ‘Microsoft Outlook for Mac 2016 (Version 15.14 (150911))’

  7. pawnesh kumar says:

    I was wondering whether your product would work on MS Office 2016 for mac?

  8. Mark says:

    I also would like to request the same as Andy. I actually quite like the “days ago” approach too but for academic or calendar years, it would be nice to just move the archive bar to the end of year (or year before last) so as to keep recent “working-set” emails online; for a user, that is conveniently specified by date. If the script is to auto-categorise by years, it would still be nice for the user to define the end of year boundary to be 31st December or 31st August (say).

  9. Al says:

    Product seems really good but I also am waiting on an activation code, can you help please? Thanks

    • Hi Al

      Bear in mind our product becomes fully functional the moment you enter your sales order number. After our payment gateway clears the payment you will be sent your final code which makes the full functionality permanent. You should have yours by now 🙂

  10. Ruslan says:

    Hello! Can’t reach you guys through email. I purchased 5/24/14 Outlook Mac Archive Tool. No luck with activation. We have no key and today is 05/27/14. We need this tool urgently!!! And we gonna buy more after successful testing. Please send us activation key asap. Thank you!

  11. Hi Andy

    It would be possible to offer an option that allows the storage of mail in to be in a sub-folder based on it’s year. So it will still archive mail older than X days (which you could make 365 if you only wanted to keep 1 year online) but when it archives the rest to ‘On My Computer’ or the Cloud it can auto categorise it in to years. This is slightly different to what you are asking but would that cover your requirement?

  12. Andy Reese says:

    What are the chances that the archive program can use a date range in addition to the number of days for archiving email. I would like to archive emails by year and I have emails that go back to 2008…

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