Volume licences

Please note: we are no longer accepting purchases of this product, please see the update post on it’s future.

If you purchase more than one licence (by choosing a higher quantity than 1 on the payment gateway) then please be aware of our feature offering for larger rollouts of our product.


Single key activation

A single sales order number can be used to activate all licences within your purchase batch. Licences are transferable between machines by deactivating on the older device and activating on a new device. In the case of a loss or machine crash this can be done server side by the support team.

Making purchases of 10 or greater

When making larger purchases we have a sliding scale of discounts please make contact on info@7thdomain.com for further information. Any discount coupons given can be used directly on the payment gateway during the batch purchase.

Large scale licensing roll out

When purchasing 50+ licences we offer a pre-licensed version of the product that works off a single key for the entire organisation and is suitable for auto-deployment software. Activations of the software are still tracked so volumes can be managed or further purchases added when required. A single key will work across multiple batches of purchases.

Auto deployment (system administrators)

To support auto deployment the product is configured through xml files which can be shipped with the software to the target machines. All features of the product can be controlled from licensing, configuration of archiving options to auto scheduling on a regular basis.


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