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– OS X 10.7 or later
– Outlook Mac 2011 (14.X) or Outlook Mac for Office 365 (15/16.X)

Note to Office 365 users:

Our software supports the latest Outlook (ver 15/16.x) and 2011 (ver 14.x). However, some users in transition, choose to install and run both versions of Outlook in parallel on the same machine. Our tool does not support two Outlooks when archiving. It will work with the currently open Outlook (or open the last opened Outlook) which could cause erroneous archiving results. For more details please see our related blog post to ensure our tool operates correctly.

Ver 1.0.24

– Support for the latest Outlook (ver 15/16.x) both 32 and 64 bit editions
– Continued support for Outlook 2011
– Accommodate changes on our payment gateway
– A number of minor fixes and optimisations

Ver 1.0.22

– With the release of Outlook 15.14.2 there was a breaking change to our product stopping the archiver from working
– If you upgrade to this version of Outlook you will need to upgrade to 1.0.22
– Continued support for Outlook 2011

Ver 1.0.19

– Speed Improvements
– Help updates
– Other minor improvements

Ver 1.0.17

– With changes to support Yosemite and Outlook Mac for Office 365 an issue with cloud archiving was introduced causing it to fail under certain cirucumstances, which has now been resolved

Ver 1.0.16

– Support for the new Outlook Mac for Office 365. This verison of Outlook is considerably faster then 2011 due to the internal database change.
– Fixed issue with incorrect detection of mail account names with various combinations of spaces and dashes
– Improved Yosemite Support

Ver 1.0.15

– Update to fix breaking changes from Yosemite OSX operating system upgrade
– More user guides

Ver 1.0.13

– Update in support of payment gateway changes
– Help improvements
– Minor fixes and optimisations

Ver 1.0.12

– Improved logging system
– Improved support for corporate multi-licensing
– Minor fixes and optimisations


Ver 1.0.11

– Excluded folders is also available in the ‘Some Folders’ mode
– Selecting ‘Some Folder’ now searches the entire folder structure for folders to archive that match, not just root.
– Fixed Some controls not scaling correctly during window resizing
– Minor fixes and optimisations


Ver 1.0.10

– Some user interface improvements
– Fixed an issue with activation process under certain security constraints
– Minor fixes and optimisations



– Updated help and user interface to have more intuitive explanations of configuration items
– Fixed an issue with calendar archiving process
– Minor optimisations and fixes



– Added online help guide button in to the application for easy access to online manuals
– Fixed a capitalisation issue in the scheduler config file which caused certain versions of OS X to incorrectly load it. Please re-save your current schedule for the fix to take affect.
– Minor optimisations and fixes


Ver 1.0.7774

– From users request, this release now ships with an additional launcher application which simply launches the program with the appropriate command line arguments to run an archive process in the background before shutting down. This is useful if you wish to use a more advanced scheduler with more granular scheduling options than is built in to the tool. For an example of using the Outlook Scheduler see this Guide.
– The product is no longer in Beta
– Some minor optimisations and fixes


BETA progam closed
Ver 0.1.7773-beta

– Scheduler now better handles a machine going to sleep or being off when an archive background process is due to run (or multiple archive activations have been skipped). The application will now run once immediately the device wakes up, before returning to it’s normal schedule while the device is on.
This version should hopefully deploy on older versions of Mac OS X, as far back as 10.4 Update: still some issues on older versions of OS X so officially only 10.7 right now.
– Minor tweaks for formatting of schedule log

Ver 0.1.7772

– Activation is now immediate on entering order number from purchase. A secondary activation code is required to make activation permanent but the arrival of this code via email within 24 hours won’t delay you getting going with the full functionality.
– Archive Reports are no longer inserted in to the inbox of the primary mail account but rather filed in a dedicated ‘OMAT Reports’ folder under the local archive folder of ‘On My Computer’, causing less clutter.
– Archive reports now sort correctly in the new reports folder
– Improved explanation of schedule functionality on Schedule Tab

Ver 0.1.6777


– Some minor fixes and spelling changes
– Improvements to activation process

Ver 0.1.5777


– Allow selection of account to which activation code should be sent (for users with multiple accounts in Outlook)
– Fixed a minor bug in deactivation process


Ver 0.1.4777


– After completion of Private Beta, the initial release for public sale.


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