Re-install, remove, backup or migrate

If you need to perform a fresh install, remove, backup our product or move your installation to a new machine then this guide is for you.

On install our tool writes 4 files to your system. The application file itself which resides in your ‘Application’ folder and 3 configuration files (standard OSX XML.plist files). If you utilise our scheduler then it also registers a configuration entry with the OS X system scheduler to regularly start-up our program in auto and hidden mode for regular archiving per your configuration settings.

From a licensing perspective your licence key is machine specific so you will need to request a new key should you move or install the software on a new device. To free up your licence from the old device you need to ‘Deactivate’ your licence. If you are unable to deactivate (due to the machine crashing or it’s wiped before you do so) then please contact and we will deactivate you manually on our licensing server.

For further detailed instructions see below steps:

1) Managing the licence

To deactivate your license go to the License Tab in our application and press ‘Deactivate’. Once you are on your new machine, just follow the activation process steps on the Licence Tab again to get your new license key. If you are remaining on your current device and wish to only backup/delete your licence file see below file location:

[The ‘~’ representing the users ‘Home’ folder.]

2) Manage your settings

To migrate your Settings to a new machine or to remove or backup your Configuration/Profile settings the following file can be deleted or backed up. For corporate software deployment systems this file can be used to deploy a company standard configuration.


3) Managing the scheduler

To remove the scheduler it’s best to go in to the application and uncheck the ‘Schedule Enabled’ option from the Schedule tab as this unloads it from the operating system’s scheduler OR you can manually unload the scheduler with this command:

launchctl unload ~/Library/LaunchAgents/com.7thdomain.OMAT.Scheduler.plist

Then migrate, backup or delete the below file:

4) Manage the application

Finally, just remove the application from the system Application folder if you are uninstalling.

  1. Hi Annie, you can find your main database in Outlook 2011 at this location. See steps 1 to 3 (only) of this article on an unrelated topic:

  2. Annie Briggs says:


    I need to migrate my account over to a new laptop – I can follow the above fine.

    What happens to my already Archived data – where do i find that on my current machine so I may migrate that over to the new one?

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