Using an external scheduler

This guide provides an example of using the ‘OMAT background launcher’ application with a 3rd party scheduler such as the one built in to Outlook. The application ships with the Outlook Mac Archive Tool as utility for running the archive process in the background.

1) Edit the Outlook Schedules

Go to the following menu in Outlook: ‘Tools’ then select ‘Run Schedule’ then ‘Edit Schedules’

2) Create a new schedule

Hit the ‘+’ to create a new schedule

3) Configure schedule:

Outlook Schedule Choose Date

4) Select the ‘OMAT Background’

Don’t select the Outlook Mac Archive Rather use the the ‘OMAT Background’. Upon each activation by the scheduler, it will run an archive process once in the background (per your current configuration) before shutting down.

Outlook Schedule Select App

5) Test

Hit OK and then you can test the configured schedule manually by selecting it from the ‘Tools–>Run Schedule’ menu


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