Setup Cloud Archiving Account

Creating the destination Cloud Account

1) To use Cloud Archiving you need to setup a new mail account in Outlook that will be the destination for your archive backups. This account can be an IMAP (e.g GMail) or Exchange account. The easiest account to setup is a GMail account which this guide will show you in detail

2) Register a new Gmail account (e.g. at You can archive multiple years worth of mail to multiple folders in one gmail account or you could elect to setup and store each year in a different account, by convention. By having an account for each years worth of mail (e.g. you can ultimately unlink from Outlook the older years of mails you aren’t archiving to or regularly referring to. This frees up space on your Mac yet your mail will always be accessible through GMails web interface.

Create Gmail Account

Setting up the account in Outlook

1) Setting up the account is easy as Outlook detects Gmail account settings automatically. Open Outlook and go to the ‘Tools’ menu and select the ‘Accounts’ item

Accounts Menu

2) Select the ‘+’ button at the bottom of the accounts screen and choose ‘Email’.

Add Account

3) Enter the username and password of your new Gmail account. Ensure ‘Configure Automatically’ is selected.

Gmail username and pass

4) With the account added click on the ‘Advanced’ button

Gmail Advanced

5) Ensure the ‘Sync IMAP folders every 2 minutes’ is unchecked. When you are mass uploading email in to the account Outlook can’t handle refreshing the folders constantly and begins to run slowly.

Turn off 2min Sync

6) Once you have created your Cloud Archive account you need to enable Cloud Archiving in the Outlook Mac Archive Tool. This post covers the process in detail


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