1) Outlook Mac Auto Archive Tool – $ 20 

Outlook Mac Archive Tool is a native Mac application for managing your mail and calendar items in Outlook Mac 2011, including archiving not just to your local hard drive/storage but also to the cloud (such as a GMail account) . Archiving to the Cloud can ultimately free up space on your Mac and give you access to your archive anywhere in the world, safe in the knowledge your archives are backed-up and searchable. Read more, download and buy …here

Outlook Archive Tool Overview

2) Outlook Auto Archive Free Script

The free archive script is a simple open source tool for archiving mail from Microsoft Exchange servers only to your local ‘On my Computer’. It lacks significant functionality compared to the Outlook Mac Archive Tool including no ability to archive to the cloud. To compare the products see here. To read more on the free script go here. If you like the free script please consider donating and upgrading to the Outlook Archive Tool


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